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Practicing the presence of God

For many of us as worshippers, we’ve heard the term “a lifestyle of worship.”  We’ve heard it so much that we have coined it as our mantra for pursuing God in a way that may not REALLY be a lifestyle of worship after all. I recently read a devotional by[…]

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God’s Grace is Sufficient

Happy Monday morning, Friends. I hope you had an amazing weekend.  If your weekend was anything like mine, you needed some help along the way. 🙂 If you caught my periscope, I talked about just how crazy of a week I had leading up to the weekend… nothing too major… all[…]

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What’cha doing with your breath?

Psalm 150 1 Praise the Lord.[a] Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens. 2 Praise him for his acts of power; praise him for his surpassing greatness. 3 Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet, praise him with the harp and lyre, 4 praise him[…]

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It’s Over There

Early one morning I was getting ready for my run and woke up at “dark-thirty” (that means, before the sun comes up). Normally I have my clothes and things set out so I can get dressed and hit the pavement. But because I had just gotten back from a trip,[…]

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Your Treasure Box

I want to take a moment to share with you something that God has been burning in my heart. In 1st Corinthians 4:7 its states that we all have gifts and treasures in our earthen vessel that God will be glorified thru when we allow His power to work thru[…]

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Such Sacrifice

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! 2016 is going to be amazing, and I am so excited to have a place where I can share with you my thoughts and encouragement. This blog is for those of us who consider ourselves worshippers…we understand the purpose of our praise, we[…]

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