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It’s Over There

Early one morning I was getting ready for my run and woke up at “dark-thirty” (that means, before the sun comes up). Normally I have my clothes and things set out so I can get dressed and hit the pavement. But because I had just gotten back from a trip, I hadn’t unpacked yet so needless to say, my things weren’t out or ready.
As I fumbled through the darkness, trying not to wake my husband, I kept having two different trains of thought. One thought was “what you’re looking for is back over there in the other room. Go get it.” Then the other thought was “Ahhh just use what you have. It’ll work.” Now mind you, I wasn’t sure if the things I was looking for were actually where I was thinking and I didn’t feel like going to check… I was sleepy, it was dark… you get the picture. But at any rate, finally I decided to go with the first thought and sure enough they were there…. BOTH TIMES.

As I got ready with my found items, I was reminded of that scene in The Color Purple when Mister was trying to cook breakfast for his guest, Shug Avery, and he was fumbling around in the kitchen trying to find the things he needed to get it done. As he scrambled about, tearing up stuff, knocking his head on pots that hung up above, Celie just sat there with a smirk on her face like “I would help you if you would ask.”


In that moment, the Lord reminded me of His promise, I watch over you and I will show you where to go… (Psalm 32:8)

I giggled to myself as I thought how silly I must have looked to Him as I scrambled around trying to find my necessary items.

How many times do we scramble and fumble through life in search for the things we need? If we would remember that God sees us right where we are and He knows where we’re going, would be able to quickly access whatever we need, whether it’s peace, wisdom, direction, or even your favorite pair of running shoes. If you would quiet mind and allow yourself to hear the voice of the Father, you will hear Him say, “It’s over there…”.

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  1. Thank you for the encouragement and the reminder of God’s word. He is the director of our steps!
    God Bless,

  2. Funny, I’ve been told multiple times since Saturday that I need to learn to delegate and not try to do everything myself. So, I imagine how many folks – and God, for sure – are watching and saying, ‘I would help you if you ask.’ Good word!!!

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