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Worship Leaders Association

Worship Leaders Association
LaRue Howard, Founder & CEO

 A living laboratory for the Fine Arts area of ministry where participants can come to hone their gifts from a global perspective. This renewed perspective allows them to return to their setting with a clear and concise Kingdom point of view.

VISION:   To build a generation of Worship Leaders and fervent praisers who take worship leading from being task oriented to an all-encompassing Kingdom perspective for the purpose of preparing the way for the Lord’s return.

STATEMENT: Building an army of praisers one worshipper at a time!


Want to know what your team has been missing?

  • Teaching
  • Vocal training
  • Blending
  • Musicianship
  • Fellowship (lunch)
  • Unity (dance picture )
  • Responsibility (sound engineering group)
  • Understanding praise & worship (teaching)

Do you want help your team to be all that God has purposed them to be?
Do you want to better and make more excellent your God-given gifts?
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~WLA is a Not For Profit organization ~