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Are You Working Your Faith?

My pastor is beginning a series at our church, River of Life Christian Center, called Faith Fight. And in the middle of his first message, he began sharing how while he was starting his new eating lifestyle to lose weight, he literally had to ask God to help him! He said, “God I need you to HELP ME!!!” But then he said, “not one time did the Holy Ghost stop my fork from going into my mouth… not one time did the Holy Ghost go exercise for me. I had to do those things myself.”

How many times have you been asking, pleading, and telling God you are believing Him to do something for you? Many times, we are waiting on God to magically show up and instantly turn a situation around. But if you step back and take a look, there’s something within that situation that we can do on our own, as proof that we believe God. You see, James 2:17 says that faith by itself, is dead. Faith is nonexistent if you don’t have any ACTION to put with it.

What is the action? I’m so glad you asked.

· A - Accountability; write the vision, share it with someone

· C - Confidence in what you know; without a shadow of doubt

· T - Trust in God not people, not your environment

· I - Intimacy with God; spend time with Him listening to Him

· O - Obey what God tells you to do

· N - Nap! Yes I said take a nap. Rest knowing that God will come through.

I want to challenge you (and MYSELF) today. What are you not doing that you should be doing as your proof of faith? Heb 11:1 says now faith is the substance of things hoped for; it’s the evidence. Faith is substance, it’s evidence… it’s something that you can look at and see “oh, that’s faith”. What are you working with? What are you doing as a sign of your faith? Get up and put some works with your faith today.

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