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Seek first the Kingdom of God… What does that mean exactly?

Do you ever struggle to receive the blessings of God? I mean honestly… Do you talk yourself out of receiving good things? Sometimes I do. I didn’t realize I did until I heard a podcast with a guy named Myron Golden as the guest. He said one thing that stopped me in my tracks and made me repent.

He said that nothing, absolutely nothing, can stop what God has for you. Nothing that the enemy can do to you will ever be able to stop what God has desired to give you. But what he can do is make YOU not want to receive it.

I was completely mind blown! I had to repent and tell God I was sorry for the MANY times I said I didn’t want something because I either didn’t think I could have it or just was too afraid of what it would look like or be like to have something so big. I mean, when you think about it… the blessings of the Lord make you rich and add no sorrow to it but they could make you become more disciplined, more orderly, or more structured in your life. And who WANTS to be disciplined? 😆

Matt 6:33 tells us that whenever we seek first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness, then all these things will be added to you. I began to think, this is an action and automatic reaction situation here. When you seek God’s Kingdom (For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Rom 14:17) and live righteously, then you will receive everything you need.

What are some ways we can seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness?

  • Spending time in prayer with God. And not just spending time asking, be sure to leave time to hear from God. When you do, it allows you to hear what HE desires to speak and share with you. He brings correction, clarity and order to you about different things in your life. When you listen to God, you can

  • Be a blessing to those around you. Think about how you can share the love of God with others and be a light. The bible tells us to live peaceably with all as much as lies within us. Choose to do things that will bring peace to others and to you, as well.

  • Be surrendered to God as the Lord of your life. Being surrendered to God as the Lord means receiving the sovereignty of God to rule over your life. Doing so allows you to have the joy of the Lord be your strength in any given situation. Now, I didn’t say happiness. I said joy of the Lord. Having the joy of the Lord is having peace and contentment even in hard times.

So you see, seeking the Kingdom of God puts you in position to receive all that you need and all that God has prepared for you.

As you prepare to end 2022, or whenever it is that you’re reading this, take some time to intentionally seek the Kingdom, listen for how God wants to bless and expand you in the days to come.

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