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Delighting in the Lord

Ps 37:4

Delight yourself in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Have you ever found yourself pursuing desires and goals you didn't fully understand? Well, recently I found myself that place where I realized that the desires and dreams I was working towards were so big that they were hard to grasp. I'm the type of person who, when I hear God leading me to do something, I begin to move in faith and obedience one step at a time, whether I see the big picture or not. I know , I know... some of you may be cringing by that... lol ... But that's what we're supposed to do, right? Walk by faith and not by sight.

One of those dreams is to build a brand that represents singers and speakers who understand the importance of taking care of their vocal health. The Vocal Athlete brand is not just for Worship Leaders or people who sing in church but for vocalists around the globe. #IamaVocalAthlete definitely a global vision. But where did this desire, this vision, come from?

One morning I was sitting with the Lord and sharing how conflicted I felt, not in my spirit but in my soul… my mind, my emotions. I felt like I wasn’t being productive in pursuing the assignment of worship leading. But God reminded me that I am, in fact being productiving and serving that assignment because I'm still serving in my local church, stewarding a fresh wind and move of the Holy Spirit there. I'm pouring into and developing worship leaders on my team, as well as, during one on one vocal coaching sessions. And then He reminded me of the story of Noah and how He gave Noah a vision to build an ark. And that the ark would be to save and preserve his family during the flood. Well if you remember, Noah had never even seen rain, so to have a desire to build an ark for a flood was completely asinine to him, I would imagine. But he was obedient and continued to pursue and build the the ark, the vision. That encouraged my soul… My mind, my emotions…so much to know that God had given Noah a vision to build something that had never been built before that no one really understood but would be for the preservation of future generations.

So today I want to encourage you to first of all delight yourself in the Lord. When you delight yourself in Him, that means spending time in His presence. It means you are surrendering and submitting to him, being a servant, yielding to his leading in whatever capacity he has given you, living a life of sacrifice to him. That is a reasonable service. And then secondly, as you delight in him be ready for him to give you, put into your heart, desires that He has for you and for your future. Jeremiah 29:11 lets us know that God has a hope, and a future, and an expected end for us. So take heart, delight in the Lord, and let Him GIVE you the desires that He wants you to have.

Oh and one last thing.... Don’t be afraid. Duet 31:8 reminds us that He has already gone before you and will never leave you. So go boldly and press on towards the mark of the prize of the high calling that is in Christ Jesus. He's got you!!!!

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Fannie L. Goins
Fannie L. Goins
Jun 04, 2022

I enjoy every thing that you present as a worhip leader/vocial coach. what delight yourself in the Lord mean to me is when I I do this when I take the time to get in His word His word get into my heart and mind I become more like Him. I become bold and unappoligetic you know what I mean.


Ruthie's vlog World
Ruthie's vlog World
May 26, 2022

Amen this is good I need to spend more 1 one 1 with God to ease my mind 😭


Montra Roberts
Montra Roberts
May 25, 2022

Hello, LaRue

Wow, this blessed me so. Sometimes I feel like I am in a place that have occupied for 2 years and it feels quite lonely in this place. The scripture you shared reminds me to "just worship" and I will find my place in His presence. It, whatever IT is comes back to just Him. I think for now delighting myself in the Lord ,means just being in His presence and letting him take the reigns. I have no idea where I am going and what the next thing is, but I can do this presence thing, because that is one thing that is stable, while everything else is rocking back and forth. His presence just shuts …

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