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New Territory huh?

My dear friend, Shydonna, sent me a message the other day and asked if a song she had been singing for the past 3 days was mine. She couldn't remember where she had heard the song from but thought to ask me about it. Sure enough... it was mine. The Lord had given me "My Prayer" after reading the book, The Prayer of Jabez, back in the early 2000's. It's based on the super short story in the bible about Jabez who is listed among many, many other people, but when it gets to his name the writer stops to tell us that Jabez was bold enough to pray this simple prayer.

Oh, Lord, bless me indeed and expand my territory.Keep Your hand on me, and keep evil from me, that I may not cause pain!'

Then the scripture says, God granted him what he requested. When I recorded this, my daughter DeAhna was about 8 years old. She loved to sing (and still loves to 😊) so I thought it would be so sweet to have her sing it with me. I felt that since God wants us to have the purity of heart and faith like a child, it would help the listener feel that whenever they hear it. What do you think?

Fast forward to today. I'm sitting on my patio (you know the spot) getting ready for a trip that I have

NEVER taken before to visit a place I have NEVER been before to meet people I've NEVER met before and to do something I've NEVER done before. Talk about enlarged territory?!?!? I mentioned to you before that I have expanded my reach by opening my Vocal Athlete Studio and launching my brand, Becoming a Vocal Athlete. Well, the other part of that is that I'm also a Brand Partner with a company called Young Living Essential Oils. I believe the Lord has appointed me to share another option of supporting health and wellness with my friends and family. So to seal the deal, so to speak, my husband and I along with my good friend, Tea, are all flying out to Utah to attend their annual convention.

I know, I know ... I feel the same way! I am shocked and almost can't even believe that we're about to go to UTAH!!! 😄 But I really believe this is what Lord is leading me to- new and enlarged territory. Now listen, I will never stop being the worship leader, mentor, vocal coach, etc because that's just who I am, but this part?! This is just an extension of who I am; another branch.

This morning I was sitting and reading my devotional and I thought about you so I want to say this... As you submit to the Lord and He reveals secrets and new ideas and dreams to you, pray this prayer of Jabez over you and over your future. Be strong as you go through times of processing. That is just God's way of purifying you, taking away everything that's not like Him and also burning away everything that's not like YOU- I mean the you He has destined for you to become. You see, when you are in Christ Jesus, you will never arrive and be done until you're done and ready go to be with the Lord. Until that time, you are expected to bear fruit and bring glory to the Father with your life. So my prayer for you is that as you prepare to go into the last half of 2022, that God blows your mind and makes you have this same face as Kelly Rowland up top. 😂

Please keep me in your prayers as I navigate through ALL of this. Ittakinging me on a trip, for real!!!! But I want God to use me however and wherever He wants.


PS. If you want to know more about how I'm sharing other health and wellness options, click this link and I'll put you in the know. 😉

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1 Comment

Jun 21, 2022

Thank You! Good word.

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