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Practicing the Presence of God

For many of us as worshippers, we’ve heard the term “a lifestyle of worship.” We’ve heard it so much that we have coined it as our mantra for pursuing God in a way that may not REALLY be a lifestyle of worship after all.

I recently read a devotional by Brother Lawrence called Practice the Presence of God. In it, he was writing a letter in the final days of his life to a friend about being with God. There was a line he wrote that struck my heartstrings. He said:

"Let us seek Him often by faith: He is within us; seek Him not elsewhere."

That really stuck out to me because how many time do we, in an effort to have a lifestyle of worship, actually miss opportunities to worship God by simply seeking Him within us?

Worship is not just something we can only do in the church with our choir or worship leader singing to us and coaching us to lift our hands or shout phrases of adoration. Worshipping God is a gift He has given us to do at anytime and anywhere. Because God is in us, we can take a moment and introspectively and intentionally surrender to Him in that moment, honoring Him and acknowledging His greatness and sovereignty. That is having a lifestyle of worship when we can practice being in the presence of the living God wherever we are.

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